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Our technicians are trained to service and diagnose the problems you are having with your furnace.

When should you call for service or repair? Here are some common reasons your furnace is not running properly.

  • A furnace that is constantly running or running short cycles.

  • You are noticing a persistent burning smell or smell fuel near your furnace.

  • Higher than usual utility bills.

  • Poor temperature control.

  • Sudden troublesome noises furnace is louder than usual.

  • Is there weak airflow?

  • A yearly clean and maintenance.


Furnace FAQ'S

Why am I not getting heat from my furnace?

  • Dirty filters are the most common cause of furnace problems. If the blower is running but you have no heat, try changing the filter.

What happens if the furnace filter is backwards?

  • The fibers cannot do there job properly, meaning the furnace will have to work hard costing you more money.

Why is my furnace suddenly loud?

  • Improper blower assembly

  • Expanding ductwork

  • Bad belt or motor bearing.